I’m more than a girl with a camera. I’m a Confidence Crusader!

I’m the go-to girl for Women’s Confidence.

I believe that every woman has an obligation not only to themselves but to the women in their life to show up in this world as their most confident self. This journey is a lesson in self-love,  self-acceptance & self-respect – to get us all to a place where, IN SPITE of our imperfections, we are confident. I believe that this world needs more feminine input, influence and impact, and that confidence is the key to helping women show up in a more significant way. By helping women recognize and cultivate their confidence through my Specialist Women’s Portrait Photography and my online Conscious Confidence course I hope, if nothing else, that a single confident women standing tall offers proof and permission for a wave of women to begin their own confidence crusade.


 I create to entertain, inspire, transform & empower.  

Featured In The Media:

Listed as one of 30 women you need to know in South Africa by Leadership Magazine in 2016.

Confidence is EVERYTHING

As a Specialist Women’s Portrait photographer who has learned, in person in Paris, from Sue Bryce – one of the world’s leading women’s portrait photographers – I create timeless portraits for business women and everyday women alike. Giving them the gift many women have never had – self-confidence!

My super power is making my clients feel at ease and confident in front of the camera.

I offer 50 Confidence Boosting Affirmations as a free download for women to change that critical inner voice into one that’s more inspiring and uplifting.

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I’ve created a free 5 day challenge for women to show them that confidence only grows in the absence of comfort zones!

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I elevate women’s personal confidence and business confidence through portrait photography and I also help them go deeper into understanding and discovering their confidence through my Conscious Confidence Course.

A 4 week online, self-paced course that focusses on Mind Confidence, Body Confidence and Soul Confidence.

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“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Marianne Williamson

On The Personal Side …

I pursue happiness. By choice.

I’m a bunny-hugger.

I’m an over-ripe teenager with a vivid imagination and a naughty laugh. I view life as an ongoing learning journey, consciously choosing to think happy thoughts & consume books of the personal development persuasion.

I’ll die an optimist. I’m easily distrac…oh look – clouds! When I’m in my own space, I’m slightly loud and extrovert. But put me in the middle of a crowd on my own & I’ll quietly observe & analyze.

I choose to follow my bliss and hope to encourage others to do the same.

 I have two main personalities – the productive one and the creative one. It’s a never ending battle.

Speaking of different personalities…


Abigail K Team (5 of 9)

THE WIFE tells everyone when it’s time to turn off computers & spend quality time with the husband

Abigail K Team (2 of 9)

THE PHOTOGRAPHER. The creative one & the reason the others are here. Pretty much self explanatory.

Abigail K Team (7 of 9)

THE BOSS. Sometimes tough, but sets the vision & goals & sets plans in action.

Abigail K Team (8 of 9)

THE BOOKKEEPER is the one sending out the invoices and keeping track of all the spending.

Abigail K Team (9 of 9)

THE GEEK is the one obsessing over apps, plugins, forums, and maintaining this website

Abigail K Team (3 of 9)

THE CLIENT LIAISON answers emails, takes and makes calls and manages all communication.

Abigail K Team (1 of 1)

THE MARKETER keeps the blog & social profiles up to date while constantly refining the brand.

Abigail K Team (6 of 9)

THE COURIER ensures that all disks, albums and other goodies get sent to clients on time.

Fine Art Photography

Happy Clients

Kirstie & Lindy

From the moment my daughter and I walked into Abigail’s office we felt welcome. We were greeted with warm smiles and a wonderful lady helped do our hair and make up . we had lots of laughs and spent a fantastic mom and daughter morning together. Abigail made us feel like supermodels. Right from the way we needed to pose to the dressing up. As for the final photographs, they were amazing, thank you Abigail for the wonderful experience, I can’t wait to book our next shoot. It will definitely be with you. ~ Lindy

Robyn Young

What a treat to be photographed by you – I haven’t had so much fun in a long time! I really felt pampered and looked after, not only during the hair and make up session, but especially by you during the shoot. It was non-threatening, confidence-boosting, funny and totally enjoyable. You really do have an amazing skill in getting the best out of us ordinary folk and making us look and feel like super-models. Thank you Abigail for everything that you put into your work. Your enthusiasm for life is contagious and we see ourselves catching it through your lens. What a blessing. ~ Robyn Young


Thank you, thank you, thank you for the gift of my makeover shoot! As a new mom to 5 month old twins, just getting out of my pj’s everyday is a major feat. So having my hair and make-up done was such a treat. And then your professionalism and guidance during the shoot made me feel like a supermodel. I knew exactly what you wanted from me and you made me feel totally at ease. And the end result … Wow! Thank you for making me feel beautiful and giving me my confidence back. And for inspiring me to get out of my pj’s and make a small effort everyday. Cos that’s sometimes all it takes.  ~ Josie van Zyl


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