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I’m Abigail, a Confidence Crusader on a mission to help women discover and step into their most confident self.

So what qualifies me as a confidence crusader?

When I was younger I had very little confidence in myself, in my abilities, in my appearance and my place in this world. At high school I was ridiculed because I was an achiever. I felt the wrath of the mean girls because I didn’t fit in and I remember very distinctly wishing that I could change my appearance because I didn’t like my imperfections.

I remember making a clear decision to never give people a reason to dislike me, and as a result I became an empty shell of the person I was meant to be.

I had no direction for my life and I didn’t have an opinion about anything. I allowed others to make decisions for me and I didn’t stand up for myself.

This lead to me journeying down a road I hadn’t chosen for myself, living life by default.

But that was a long time ago and I’ve gone from a disempowered quiet people pleaser to a woman and a business owner who has found her voice, found her purpose and who is celebrating those things that make her unique. And I’m not only just doing that for myself, but now I’m doing it for other women too.

I’m a specialist women’s portrait photographer and over the years I’ve experienced those flickers of transformation in the women that I photograph. I knew then that I could potentially be a catalyst to help those women on their paths to discovering themselves and uncovering their confidence that has long since been surpressed. Women are bombarded with messages of having to have the perfect body, the perfect job, the perfect business, the perfect children, the perfect life. The reality is perfection does not exist. In fact imperfection is the new perfection. And when you realize that, that’s when your confidence can soar.

The big problem is that most women don’t realize that confidence can be learned and with the proper plan an strategy in place, they can tap into their inherent confidence that already exists and it’s like a generator – once you get it going, you can generate more and more and more.

It never ends and it never runs out.

I’m so grateful to have discovered my purpose of helping women find, ignite and generate their own confidence.

For the first time ever I’ve created an online course to help you grow from the woman you are now, to the empowered, confident woman that I know you can be.

A woman who knows what she wants, loves who she is and is building a life of excitement and fulfillment. This is all about growing your confidence by aligning your mind, your body and your soul. There will also be a few practical tools, so that you can uncover the beautiful and imperfect version of yourself that you were born to be.

So that you can understand her, accept her and love her. To inspire confidence and celebrate the uniqueness of you. To sign up to my course, register and be the first to know when the course goes live. And discover what you’re truly capable of when you step out of your comfort zone and grow your confidence.

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