#CTConfidence 2016 Campaign

What's your No.1 Confidence Challenge?

I decided to make the #CTConfidence campaign slightly different for 2016. At first I intended to create another video featuring all 10 women who volunteered to take up the challenge.

The theme of this challenge is “What’s your No.1 Confidence Challenge?”

I want to know what the biggest obstacle is that’s standing in the way of women being able to embody their most confident versions of themselves.

As the filming process began, I was struck by the depth of vulnerability the girls embraced and it became clear that each one of them deserved a video of their own to share their stories. As a result from 1-10 December 2016 each video will be (or was, depending on when you read this!) published each day.

I want to hear from you too! What is YOUR No.1 Confidence Challenge? Please complete this survey and share it with your girlfriends, mom, daughters, nieces, cousins – share it with any woman you know who has something standing in the way of her realising her most confident self!



[Video 10] Kim #CTConfidence 2016 – What’s your No.1 Confidence Challenge?

I couldn't think of a better way to end off this series of videos than this. Kim came into my studio this week and very bravely spoke about what is very obviously a tough subject for her. Confidence is inextricably connected with courage, and Kim showed real courage...
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[Video 9] Megan #CTConfidence 2016 – What’s your No.1 Confidence Challenge?

Body confidence is a big issue, probably the biggest issue that impedes women's confidence. Every woman responds differently to it, and each chooses a different way to manage it. In this video, Megan shares her approach to managing her body confidence issues and I...
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[Video 8] Roseanna #CTConfidence 2016 – What’s your No.1 Confidence Challenge?

Roseanna shares the thing that's standing in her way of being the most confident version of herself, and I can honestly say that I can relate. I've been there, I've done that, and sometimes, occassionaly I find myself back there! If you've ever lacked condfidence in...
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[Video 7] Cindy #CTConfidence 2016 – What’s your No.1 Confidence Challenge?

I can totally relate to Cindy's confidence challenge in this video. Granted, I have much to be grateful for, and my experience of acne wasn't as severe as Cindy's, but I still remember the vulnerability of having to face people to the point of distraction, when you...
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[Video 6] #CTConfidence 2016 – What’s Your No.1 Confidence Challenge?

Does your confidence take a knock when you don't take time to do the things you love? When you're constantly doing things for everyone else while wishing you could just take a moment for yourself to find your joy. In this video Nicola shares the impact of managing...
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[Video 5] #CTConfidence 2016 – What’s Your No.1 Confidence Challenge?

Does your hectic schedule mean that you never prioritise yourself? Do you find that this leads to you looking and feeling worse than you'd like? Does that ultimately impact your confidence? In this video Mandy shares her own struggles with having too much to do to do...
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[Video 4] #CTConfidence 2016 – What’s Your No.1 Confidence Challenge?

If you've ever felt like an outsider, then you need to watch day 4 of #CTConfidence. In this short video, Hayley shares how her confidence is affected by working in a male dominated environment.   If you, or someone you know, knows what it feels like to be an...
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[Video 3] #CTConfidence 2016 – What’s Your No.1 Confidence Challenge?

It's day 3 of #CTConfidence and today's video features Candice, she's a true inspiration and a fantastic poet. Watch the video and listen to her read her powerful poem titled "Mirror". Please share this video with a woman in your life who needs to know that she can...
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[Video 2] #CTConfidence 2016 – What’s Your No.1 Confidence Challenge?

This is the 2nd of 10 videos I'm sharing for the 2016 #CTConfidence campaign where I asked 10 women to share their answers to this question: "What's your no.1 confidence challenge?" By answering this question, these women made me I realised that each of us has...
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[Video 1] #CTConfidence 2016 – What’s Your No.1 Confidence Challenge?

After the success of last year's #CTConfidence campaign in which I challenged 10 women to a Reverse Before & After photo shoot, I knew that I was going to repeat the campaign again this year. Of course, I had intended to do the campaign much earlier in 2016, but...
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#CTConfidence 2015 Campaign

The Reverse Before & After

In 2015 I invited 10 Cape Town based Beauty Bloggers to participate in my #CTConfidence campaign – I challenged them to a reverse before and after photo shoot with yours truly.

Their Before photos were the ones with all the makeup, hair done and beautiful outfits.

Their After photos, and the big reveal, saw them without makeup, hair undone and wearing their comfiest sweat pants.

The experience was enlightening and interesting to see how the girls responded to the process. Some were reserved and clearly a little uncomfortable with the notion of being photographed without makeup, but determined to accept the challenge. Others fully embraced it and actually enjoyed the After shoot more than the Before!

#CTConfidence Questionnaire

Get Featured: What Does Confidence Mean To YOU?

Based on the success of my #CTConfidence campaign, I’m continuing to share the stories of women and their confidence.

If you’d like to be featured on the blog, and to take part in the #CTConfidence movement, click the link below to complete the questionnaire…


Complete the #CTConfidence Questionnaire to be Featured on the Blog


If selected, your answers will be published as part of my Confidence According To… blog series.

Once a critical number of entries have been received, the collective answers will be collated and the results published to gain an understanding of the current feeling around feminine confidence and to highlight where we can all put more effort to encourage a healthier perception of self-worth and an internalized approach to self validation.

Past Featured Confidence According To Posts…

Confidence According To… Sherlin Barends

I didn't know what to expect when I met Sherlin Barends at The Cape Milner Hotel for the first time. As a member of Joe Public, I guess I've always presumed that someone who works in the media industry, always in the public eye, must develop a trait that distances...
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Confidence According To… Jacqui Burnett

A while back I did a Personal Branding shoot for Jacqui Burnett, an amazing Author, Speaker, Integral Coach, Student of Life, Conscious Living Teacher, Financial Strategist and Business Leader. When we met for the first time to discuss her shoot, I landed up in tears....
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Confidence According To…Jaclyn Holmes | Schnooky Pie

I believe that when we shine our own light, we encourage others to do the same. I get to meet some amazing women in my role as a women's portrait photographer and as a Confidence Crusader. But I know that there are so many more women out there with advice to share and...
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Confidence According To…Keri Stroebel | The Power Woman Project

I believe that when we shine our own light, we encourage others to do the same. I get to meet some amazing women in my role as a women's portrait photographer and as a Confidence Crusader. But I know that there are so many more women out there with advice to share and...
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Confidence According To… Margaret Hirsch

In this episode of Confidence According To, I chat with Margaret Hirsch of Hirsch's Homestores. Margaret shares a bit about her story in becoming one of South Africa's wealthiest and most successful business women and what impact her confidence had on her success....
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Confidence According To…Zola Nene | Zola Nene Chef & Food Stylist

I met Zola for the first time when she was modeling for a clothing shoot I was doing for Isabel De Villiers. I hadn't known of Zola before, simply because we don't have terrestrial TV at home, so I hadn't seen her cooking segments as the resident chef on the Expresso...
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Confidence According To… Donna McCallum | The Fairy Godmother

It's been years since I first met Donna, AKA The Fairy Godmother. I remember being struck by her absolute confidence to wear her wings out in public, like it was the most normal thing to do. I admired her for not giving a damn whether she got odd looks from strangers...
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Confidence According To… Anna Emm

I met Anna within the first week of arriving in Cape Town nearly 7 years ago and she immediately struck me as a confident, self-assured woman who knew what she wanted to achieve in life. It's been such an inspiration to watch her evolve of the years into the...
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Confidence According To… Natalie Kirby

I'm thrilled to FINALLY be sharing this Confidence According To... post because not only does it feature one of the most delightful people I've ever met, but I'm also able to announce a fantastic new offering as a result! Natalie Kirby is a practicing Life Coach with...
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Confidence According To … Karen Wessels

I first met Karen a few years ago at a networking event and recently ran into her again when she was a presenter at the Lionesses of Africa network, talking about the phenomenal success of her company - Snappsales. Karen was actually the person who told me about my...
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Confidence According To … Mel Jones

It must be about 3 years ago when I did a portrait shoot session for Mel Jones. I'd initially met her at a local radio station a year or so prior, but hadn't personally connected with her until she was MC-ing an event I was attending. At the time I was still building...
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Confidence According To… Mandy

I first met Mandy at a networking event and was immediately struck by way in which she engages with others. She holds her space in a friendly but firm way and the sense I had of her was that this woman has a deep understanding of herself and she wasn't afraid of...
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