Below are talks and presentations that I’ve delivered to women’s groups and networks.

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The Power of a Photo

In this short talk I share my thoughts on the power of a photo. A single image says more and means more than words can often express.

Begin Your Own Confidence Crusade

Confidence is something we are both born with and something that can be learned, honed and managed. Although confidence is often expressed as an external characteristic, the real work is an internal process. A conscious exploration of your own confidence in a holistic Body, Mind & Soul approach creates an awareness of your current and desired levels of confidence. Having an understanding of the impact those levels have on various aspects of life and business is a vital step in learning to challenge your own limits with the intention of stepping into the most confident version of yourself.

Be inspired, be transformed, be empowered.

As a self-titled Confidence Crusader, Abigail has begun a journey of exploring the concept of self-confidence in women and the impact it has on our lives and businesses. Her interest in the topic stems from her observation of her own relationship with confidence as well as that of the women she photographs as a Specialist Women’s Portrait Photographer. Her portrait photography has inadvertently leant itself as a social study of women and Abigail is on a mission to not only uncover the origins & management of one’s confidence but also to elevate the confidence of the feminine collective by creating an army of Confidence Crusaders.

The premise being that when we give ourselves permission to be our most confident self, we inadvertently give other women permission to do the same. Awareness and action leads to a ripple effect that transforms not only your own life and business, but that of the women who are inspired by your example.

Join Abigail for this informal and engaging talk and choose to get conscious about your confidence.

The Importance of an Image Rich Online Presence

Have you ever wondered how to make your online content eye-catching and enticing? Ever wondered why the big brands place so much emphasis on supporting their written content with impactful visuals? It’s no accident.

Before any other, sight is the first and most dominant sense used by today’s internet based consumers. Whether they use the internet for business or pleasure, people are ‘looking’ for information, solutions, inspiration and entertainment. If you’re not providing them with visual content, you risk not being seen by them at all.

In this presentation, you’ll learn more about why visual content is so important for your business, how images can support your marketing messages and what it takes to create your own attention-grabbing photos. You’ll learn about tools to make the task easier, and see examples of companies rocking their visual content.


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