Yesterday I celebrated my birthday. I’m another year older and hopefully, another year wiser. Although, I really can’t be sure about that.

So I decided, a week prior that I’d like to test whether this time next year, I will in fact be another year older, and another year wiser. Not wiser in the intellectual sense, but wiser in terms of my appreciation of life and all the goodness that surrounds it. From the smallest and seemingly insignificant details to the big whopper-life-changing details.

So every day for a year starting from today, I’m going to post a pic to document at least one thing that I’m appreciative of and grateful for.

I want to use this project to create a way of life that looks for all good things, but also to be able to look back and see the impact of this practice in relation to my sense of happiness and fulfilment.

1_365 Appreciation Project

#1 Celebrating my birthday with a romantic night out in Hout Bay.