In this episode I chat about the ways in which we all hide out or shy away in our businesses – due to a lack of confidence.

I’m guilty of it. I know you are too. Watch the video and see if you recognise how specifically you’re not showing up in your business – either because you don’t feel confident or because you’re not practicing enough self love to give yourself permssion to try!

Avoiding doing something that you know would boost your business. Like making that video, or booking that photoshoot, or publishing that blog post, or contacting that journalist.

Press play to watch the video see how you might be hiding out…


10 Ways you’re holding yourself back in business

  1. Thinking that you need to do X before you do Y. In most cases, this is just an excuse to not take the next leap.
  2. Analysis paralysis. Thinking that you’re achieveing something by planning and researching.
  3. Aiming for perfection. This is no longer something to strive for. It’s just a form of fear with a pretty bow on it.
  4. Gathering other people’s insights and opinions. You opinions are just as valuable as anyone elses!
  5. Not sharing your story. If you think that you need to have survived a trauma or experienced some epic adventure before you tell your story is another way in which way you’re hiding out.
  6. More education. Thinking that you need another certification or qualification before you go out and share your gifts.
  7. You’re comparing yourself to others. It’s too easy to see what others are doing. Unless seeing what others are doing inspires you to take action, you’re allowing it to diminish your self image. Check which one you’re feeding!
  8. You think that you don’t look the part. One of the BIGGEST lessons I’ve learned – from putting myself out there and doing 365 videos in 365 days – “It’s not about me, it’s about the message.” Get that photoshoot done, create that video, stand up in front of that audience, make that phone call. People will think what they’re going to think anyway. You’re either going hungry while they think it or you’re thriving while they think it. Which would you prefer? And if you’re giving them something valuable with the intention of sincerely uplifting them, what you look like becomes irrelevant.
  9. You’re overly critical of yourself. Become your own best friend. What do best friends do? They support each other, they’re compassionate, they’re honest with each other, they let their friends get things off their chest without judgement, they encourage and compliment each other. They don’t nitpick. They don’t admonish. They don’t harp on about their friend’s ‘faults’. Be the that first friend.
  10. You’re too focused on the lows, so you’re missing half the ride. When you look for something, you’ll generally find it. When you’re so focused on the slow months, the mistakes, the disappointments, you’ll begin to believe that that’s the entire journey. And so that’s how you start to see yourself, by association. Your actions, thoughts, emotions, beliefs will begin to reflect that very narrow point of view. But you’re missing all the highs – the successes, the compliments, the delightful surprises that make up the rest of the journey. …

If you were just 10% kinder to yourself, you’d stop hiding and you’d start doing what needs to be done. And you know what, then you’d feel more confident!

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