Abigail K Photography-8

Today I’m grateful for family photos. It’s my last day in Joburg, spending time with my family after officially meeting my niece for the first time, just over a week ago. This week with my family has made me realise how much they mean to me. And although we all live far away from each other, when we are all together, it’s like it’s never been any different. My brother and I reminisce about our childhood, and often those memories are rooted in the photos that are dotted around the house we grew up in. While taking photos on this trip, more than once, I thought about the years to come when we’ll look back at these photos with astonishment at how much time has passed. I also realised that perhaps some of these photos will form the memories of this trip for my niece and nephew and help them remember ┬áthe special times we’ve shared. Not to mention my folks, and how they can look back at their family and appreciate the legacy of childhood memories they’ve given all of us.