Abigail K Photography-18

Today I’m grateful to be announcing big news about the studio. I’m branching out and going big! Into a super posh, super impressive office/studio space. It’s really a very awesome space, and one that I would be super proud to bring clients to. It’s in the Upper East Side Hotel in Woodstock, so from the moment you walk in, your get a sense of the aesthetics and quality, which is exactly what I want to align my studio with.

Rose and I are renting this space together, and we’re looking for 2 other creatives to join us, as there’s space to two more desks. I’m grateful to be able to put out our request today, making it all very real, and telling the universe that we’re ready to taking our respective businesses to the next level.

This is the start of an amazing journey!


By the way, if you’re interested in sharing the space with us, drop me a line!