365 Appreciation Project

Today I’m grateful for a book that I was introduced to while heading home on the plane from Joburg. I was sat next to a man named Bruce, and he began speaking to me about his children, grandchildren and wife. Then we got onto the topic of books. At the time I was listening to one of the many Audible books I have on my tablet. He was reading this book, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen. He suggested I read it. A couple of days later when I was at home, I bought and downloaded the Kindle version of the book. I didn’t pick it up to read until a couple of weeks later. Since starting it though, I’ve struggled to put it down and made particular effort to find time to read it.

It’s message is simple, the philosophy is common sense, but the way that it has made me take stock of how I spend my time has really had a profound effect. I’m stunned by how much impact it’s had, and I’m only half way through. I’m committing to stick to the philosophy as laid out in the book and look forward to reading this blog post in the future, so that I can appreciate the impact of the small actions I’m starting to implement.

If you want things to change in your life, start with reading this book.