365 appreciation Project

I joke with my Mom often, that I skipped the cooking gene in the family. Both she and the rest of my female relatives on her side, are all well versed in the kitchen and often post pics of their latest bakes and dishes. Like I said, I skipped that gene. What I got instead was a love for engineering DIY projects. Walking into a hardware store for me is like walking into a sweet shop for a kid. Once I have an idea in my head, I can walk through those isles until I’ve somehow engineered a way to bring the idea to life. Some ideas are more successful than others. And often I need the help of The Hubs to do the actual work that will bring the idea to fruition. Much to his dismay, of course. Fortunately though, and for today’s gratitude, my idea for suspending my studio light above my desk worked. And I’m also grateful for The Hubs who did most of the work. And it looks rather impressive too.