365 appreciation project


This morning my Grandad passed away. After months of deteriorating strength since finding out earlier this year that he had lung cancer, and while retaining his mental capacity, his body finally gave up. My Grandad had an adventurous spirit which never waned even far into his late 80’s. Independent, active and always up for a good walk followed by a beer in a pub, he was always keen to join in with the crowds and particularly the crazy adventures my parents would take him on when he would visit us here in SA from the UK. I’m grateful for all the memories I have of him from my childhood on his bi-annual visits to us. As a family, my folks, my brother and I seemed to miss out on so many family gatherings in the UK through the years, but we made up for them whenever we’d get a UK visitor. I’m grateful that we had those opportunities with him. I’m also grateful that, thanks to technology, we’ve been able to chat with him in these last few months, to say what needed to be said, and to let him know that he’s in our thoughts even though he was in another part of the world. I’m also grateful for my family and all the love and closeness we have and for the reminders to do what makes you happy today, because you might not get the chance tomorrow.

I love you Grandad Alec.