365 Appreciation Project

Today I’m grateful that I managed to keep it together. It was one of those days that just goes from chaos to more chaos. I left my studio light trigger at home and only realised 5 minutes before a shoot, so I had to dash out to get it. My husband left his house keys in my car so I had to dash out to give them to him. When I dashed home to get my trigger, I should have dropped of the dog, but forgot, so had to go back to drop her off. Then I had to go to town for a workshop for which I was now very late. I took a wrong turn off. When I finally got there, there was a march or demonstration on at Parliament, so there was no parking and throngs of people. And all the while, intellectually I knew that I should in theory be an anxious ball of stress. But energetically, I was completely calm and following my flow. I was very aware of this and it struck me as something to be very grateful for.