365 Appreciation Project

Today I’m grateful for whatever it was that compelled me to dig out and start reading the book, Personovation by Timothy Maurice Webster. I’ve had this book for a long time, but as with most books, I’ll buy them with the best of intentions of reading them, but then they find themselves on a shelf, never to be looked at again. But I’m trying to change that. I’ve been made aware of the importance of filling any downtime, with the consumption of worthwhile reading. So today I’m grateful for this worthwhile read.

I’m  only about half way through, but Timothy lays out the importance of your personal brand in a very easy to ingest manner. It’s the kind of info that I’ll actually remember and make use of because he’s not sharing it in an unnecessarily high fa-luted way, but rather in a way that is completely relate-able.

Thank you Timothy for writing this book. I look forward to putting your advice into action. And am thankful that I am actually already doing some of the things you suggest.