Abigail K Photography

A little while ago I realised that as a photographer in business I have a split personality. On the one hand I’m all about productivity, on the other hand I’m all about creativity. I also realised that, for far too long, the productivity side has been getting far too much air time. Not that you can ever be too productive, but I realised that the focus on productivity was at the expense of the creativity. I’ve realised as well that creativity, like any other skill, needs to be learned and practised. So today I started creating. Just for me. Just to see if I can. It’s not easy, but I’m sure that the more I do it, the easier it’ll get. Today I played with a portrait that I made a few months ago and turned it into, what I think will be the start of many personal photographic projects. When I’ve looked at it for a few days, and if I still like it, I’ll share it. But for now, I’m just grateful for taking the first steps to looking for my creativity.