Today I discovered or rather, confirmed, that I have a rather unhealthy lifestyle. I’m not particularly active, aside from my photography work, I’m a bad vegetarian who doesn’t eat very many vegetables and I drink virtually zero water. None of this was a surprise to me. The good news however, is that I’m fairing quite well in the wine department of a healthy diet. According to Celynn Erasmus, author of the book ‘Fast Food and Sustained Energy’ which I purchased today after hearing her talk at the Fine Women networking breakfast this morning, a half a glass of wine is a good choice. Happy times! I have no problem enjoying a half a glass of wine, heck, sometimes I’ll even have two halves! So I’m grateful for this delightful news in the middle of the book. This page alone will make following the rest of the eating plan in the book a breeze! Think I may even bookmark it…

So here’s to red wine and a healthy diet!

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