Earlier this year I was contacted by Amanda and Tshepang to photograph their sunset engagement shoot session at the beach. They were visiting Cape Town from Johannesburg and wanted to ensure that they could squeeze in an e-session on their short holiday before heading back home where they would be getting married later this year.

They didn’t have a specific beach in mind and asked if I had any suggestions, and this got me thinking…


Which is the Best Beach in Cape Town to do an Engagement Shoot?

Their main criteria were that there should be sea, sand and sun. Easy, right – anywhere along the Western Coastline. Check.

Then I started thinking about my own criteria. I’m the photographer, I’m the professional. If I’m being given carte blanche on deciding which beach we’re going to do our photoshoot, then I’m going to choose the one that will give me the most opportunity to get the kinds of images that I know my clients are looking for, and to do it with the most ease and least amount of frustration.

Of course, in Cape Town, we’re really spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches and vistas, but I decided we would do the engagement shoot at Bantry Bay, and here’s why…

5 Reasons to Do a Photo Shoot at Bantry Bay

1. No Wind!

First and foremost – No Wind! Cape Town in notorious for it’s unruly and annoying wind, which can play havoc with your outdoor photo shoot. In my experience, when I’ve been wanting some beach time, but the wind is blowing a gale everywhere else in Cape Town, you’re almost always guaranteed calm on the wind front in Bantry Bay. It’s location and proximity to the mountain seems to shield it from those blustering and often freezing gusts!

Sea Point Engagement Shoot by Abigail K Photography 3

2. Easy Parking

Another regular annoyance in Cape Town is parking – or lack thereof. In Bantry Bay there’s a beautifully stocked car park, and the best bit is – it’s free! For now, anyway. The proximity of the car park to the beach also means that my clients can easily change into another outfit in their car, if needed.Sea Point Engagement Shoot by Abigail K Photography 5

3. Backdrop Variation

Not only does Bantry Bay have easy access to the sandy beaches and rocks, but backdrop opportunities are all around. There’s a bit of mountain, a bit of the city, a bit of that whole Sunset Boulevard vibe going – with walkways, benches, joggers and cyclists. There’s outdoor artwork and even trees and grass. So much to photograph and guaranteed to give my clients a beautiful collection of images that they’ll treasure!

Sea Point Engagement Shoot by Abigail K Photography 4

4. Beautiful Sunsets

The star of the show for this location has to be the sun (pardon the pun). It has completely unobstructed views of the sunset so every last little ray of light can be captured and immortalised for my clients. It’s like being in the front row of the sunset cinema! No more running around to chase the golden hour – it’s right there for you.

Sea Point Engagement Shoot by Abigail K Photography 8

5. Hidden Gem

For the most part, I’ve never seen Bantry Bay overly crowded – even in the peak holiday season. It seems that most people tend to go to the more touristy spots, which for this photographer is a good thing! That means we can have this little hidden gem all to ourselves without having to work around throngs of sun worshippers cluttering up my images.Sea Point Engagement Shoot by Abigail K Photography 1

Click here, if you’d like to see more images from Amanda and Tshepang’s shoot at Bantry Bay

Which is your favourite Cape Town Beach for Photo Shoots?

If you know of another hidden gem of a beach, perfect for a photo shoot, I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below…