Why you’re not confident creating content for your personal brand

You know you should be writing more blog posts, or filming more videos, taking more photos or recording more podcasts, but you’ve become a professional procrastinator and an excellent excuse maker which ultimately leads to you losing confidence in your own personal brand and worse – losing the attention of and the relationships with the very people you want to be helping.

The reason this is happening is because you don’t have a system.

I’m going to share with you the 5 step system of content creation so you can build and grow – and keep growing your personal brand confidence. Both your own confidence in your personal brand and your audience’s confidence in you!

So if you’re ready to start creating and sharing content consistently that helps peoples, keeps them coming back to you for more and ultimately turns them into clients, while at the same time, increasing your confidence, then you’re going to love what I’ve got to share with you… let’s get stuck in!




Rather than simply jumping into the deep end, you’d do well to take some time to plan your content out.
Starting with planning your overall content plan for the mid-term future, for example, the next 6 to 12 months, will set you up with a strategy in place.
From there you can begin to plan the actual pieces of content that you’re going to create within that overall strategy.
Failing to plan, is planning to fail.
Without your plans in place, you’re more likely to veer off track and trail off with your consistency because you don’t have clarity about the direction, the purpose or the content. Clarity is one of the keys to confidence because it provides context.
Also, the process of planning requires a different set of thought processes and energy states – it’s future based work, big picture thinking, where the act of creating the content is present moment focussed and individual task orientated.
Mixing these up processes up makes for muddy waters.


The next phase is the actual creation phase.

  • the writing of the blog post
  • the taking of the photos
  • the filming of the videos
  • the recording of the audio
  • the designing of the graphics.

This is your PLAY session and should be approached in that way. If creating your content feels heavy, you’re not going to do it well, if you do it at all.

Perspective is everything

Remember – Perspective is everything when it comes to creating your content. This is the first step by which you can make a difference in people’s lives and it relates to a subject matter you’re passionate and knowledgeable about – it’s FUN to create this content!

Whether you realise it or not, the energy with which you create your content is palpable to your audience – just like when you’re speaking with someone on the phone – you can hear when they’re smiling or not, regardless of the words they’re saying.

So it’s important to make your creation phase a playdate with yourself – make it fun and easy and schedule it in as an appointment with yourself. Prepare the equipment you need and make your environment as conducive to creativity as possible. Have a ritual that like lighting a candle, or playing your favourite music to demonstrate the significance of this phase and allow the creativity to flow, allow yourself to experiment and play without filtering. Just let it out and let it be messy.

COMING SOON: The Importance of batching your visual content


Once you’ve created your raw content, it’s time to process it. That might look like:

  • formatting your copy
  • editing your photos, videos or audio files
  • preparing your graphics

This is the phase where you further refine what you’ve created and it’s best done at least a day after you’ve finished the creation phase. This allows you some time and distance from your creations, so that you can observe them with more objectivity. To align your creations with your strategy.

Because the act of creation is so personal and so messy, when you look at your creations with fresh eyes or ears, you’re more able to discern what fits with the intentions you had in the planning phase of the process and get it ready to share.


The fourth phase is scheduling your content. Now that you’ve prepared your content, it’s time to share it with your audience. Depending on your content plan, you might have specific days that you intend to distribute your content. You can either wait for those days and share the content manually, or schedule a scheduling session with yourself and use a scheduling tool to drip your content to the appropriate platforms at the appropriate times.

Scheduling tools like:

These are some of my favourite scheduling tools, but there are several around and you’ll need to find the one that works for you.

Given that you’ve put so much time and energy into the creation of your content, it would be a shame to let it go unseen, unheard, or unread because the majority of your audience didn’t see your initial post. It’s a full gone conclusion that only a small percentage of your audience will have seen that first post – thanks to the nature of the algorithms on the popular social media platforms. So it’s up to you to keep sharing your content to give it the best chance of reaching the people you intend to help with it. Another reframe – rather than feeling like you’ll annoy people by resharing the same content, choose to see it as helping them by making sure they don’t miss out on it!


The final phase of content creation is in the repurposing of your content. A lot of time and energy goes into creating long form content like writing a blog post, filming a video or recording a podcast. So you want to maximise the visibility of that content by breaking it up into smaller bite-size chunks that lead back to the full content piece.

For example, with this blog post that you’re reading, I can break up the 5 phases of the content creation process into 5 different pieces of content that I can share over a period of weeks and months – and even as an evergreen piece of content – on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Each time linking back to this particular blog post. And let me tell you, I’ve done that! Go follow me and see how that happens…

Another example could be taking quotes from your podcast recording and creating quote graphics. Then share those as individual instagram posts and link back to the full podcast episode.

So look at your content and see how you repurpose it into smaller bite-size pieces of content.

Feeling confident about your Content Creation for your Personal Brand

As you can see the 5 phases of Content Creation for your Personal Brand Confidence are straight forward and easy to follow. I promise you, if you follow these steps consistently, you’ll be creating and sharing content that will not only boost your own confidence in your personal brand, but will boost your audience’s confidence in your personal brand, because you represent someone who is reliable, trustworthy and a resource of valuable content.

Let me know if you follow these steps already, or if there are some steps that you skip, or perhaps additional steps that I haven’t mentioned. I’d love to hear and help you if I can.

Drop your comments below…