It’s like the entire world’s population has been dropped in as extra’s into some large scale movie production.

That’s what it feels like to me.


And if I allow it to, my anxiety will feed on the surrealism with gluttonous delight. Are you the same?

So that’s why, as well as self-imposed isolation, I’m also applying a self imposed routine to keep the anxiety at bay.

It’s not rocket science (or medical science) but the reminder might help someone…

5 Things I’m doing to keep my anxiety about Corona Virus in Check

To recap, if you can’t be arsed to watch the full video…

How I’m staying confident during corona virus

  1. Morning routine
    Doing the I’M A GIVER morning routine every day. Get the free PDF for the 8 step morning routine I use.
  2. Not watching/listening/reading the news
    They are paid to scare us and we’re buying into it! We always have. Now’s the time to boycott sensationalist news. No more reactive information gathering.
  3. Seeking out factual information
    If I need information, I do the work of researching factual information. Going straight to the source – doing proactive information gathering
  4. Staying connected
    Even though we’re having to keep ourselves more isolated than normal, I’m ramping up my efforts to stay connected online. With family and friends, with my community over at the Academy, and with new clients and prospects. Now’s the time to proactively get connected with the right people.
  5. Getting creative
    This is an opportunity for us to shift how we do business, and I’m already imagining ways to shape and restructure my business. Now that it’s a necessity, I’m exploring options, brainstorming and taking action on more sustainable business models.


How are you coping?

What are you doing to keep your confidence up and your anxiety down?