I was recently asked by Women’s Health Magazine South Africa to share some practical ways to become more confident.

I always find it a wonderful exercise when I’m asked to share my tips for confidence, because it gives me a moment to consider how much of my own advice I’m taking.

As women we have so much on our plate – and I’m not even a mother – hats off to you moms!! I do see my business as my offsrping though, so I’ll hold that with as much reverence as you would your kids.

We lead busy lives. And that often means that prioritising ourselves is, well, less of a priority.

As we begin to form this habit of not prioritising ourselves, so we begin to believe that we’re not worthy of being prioritised. Soon enough, other’s are not prioritising us because they see us always putting something else on our to-do list – something more important. Something that’s not for our own benefit and so they feel that they’ve got the green light to add to our list. They don’t do this maliciously, of course. Often times it’s the people we love most who add to our growing task list, and we comply because we want the best for them.

Eventually, a few weeks, months or years later, we look up and realise that something feels off. That we’ve lost sight of who we are, we’re out of touch with the life we had hoped we’d be living and our self-esteem and self-confidence is at an all time low because we’re no longer in touch with our own sense of self.

Does this sound familiar?

It sure does to me.

Listen to me ladies – we can’t let this happen!

We have an obligation to prioritise ourselves so that we can continue to show up for others. We need to be feeling good about ourselves, so that we can help others feel good about themselves. There is no sense in us becoming as sickly, dependent or lost as the next person, just so that they have company. We can’t help anybody in that state – in fact, that’s when we become the burden. We need to be constantly working on our own health, our own well-being, our own confidence, so that we can help others build their health, well-being and confidence.

We are more valuable to others, when we value ourselves.

So take a look at the 7 tips I shared over on the Women’s Health website about practical ways to become more confident, and see how many of them you’re currently practicing on a daily basis, and if you’re not yet doing any of them – which ones you can start to implement today!

Let me know if the comments below which tip resonates most with you and why…