So September is nearly over, and we’re over half way through the Spring Photo Challenge that started at the beginning of the month.


And there’s always a but…

Don’t let the fact that you missed the start date be a deterrent. If there’s one thing I’m learning in my old age, it’s that I need to let go of self imposed limitations.

“Oh I’ll start eating healthily when the weather warms up.”

“I’ll start that exercising when the mornings get lighter.”

“I’ll start blogging when I’ve figured everything out.”

” I’ll start that new project in the new year.”

You know you’ve done! So have I!

Whatever it is that you need to start, start today! Today is the perfect day to start anything. You future self will thank you for it.

So today I’m encouraging you to join me on the 30 Day Spring Photo Challenge. Even if it’s not at the beginning of the month. Even if it’s not a Monday. Even if it’s not Spring! Even if you aren’t a photographer!

Get a little creativity into your life and challenge yourself to start something today – because you can!