In this episode I talk about how you, as a portrait photographer can find your super power.
I had a client recently who, after our portrait session, confessed that she’d had a similar shoot done recently with another photographer and that the two experiences were completely different.
I asked her to elaborate and she explained that she hadn’t felt comfortable with the other photographer. The shoot experience made her feel uncomfortable, nervous and was generally unpleasant. She said that her images were technically very good, but because of how she felt during the shoot, she didn’t like her photos.
She told me that the shoot she’d just had with me was a completely different experience. She felt safe, comfortable and even enjoyed the shoot. The way I welcomed her into the studio, chatted easily and guided her through the shoot.
Her feedback made me realise that making my clients feel comfortable is MY super power as a photographer.

So to find out what your super power is as a photographer, think about the compliments and feedback you get from clients and what the most common theme of those compliments is. Also think about which compliments make you feel most proud and most aligned to why you do what you do.

That right there is your super power.

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