This has been a week of wobbles – in more ways than one. That’s why I thought it pertinent to write An Ode To Our Wobbles. What I’ve learned from this week of wobbles is that it’s our wobbles that make us women wonderful!


My Week of Wobbles

I’m not one to invite wobbles into my life. In fact, until this week, I’ve been rather wobble averse. I try to keep my thoughts positive, my actions intentional and my arse tight – or at least out of sight.

But try as we may, the reality is that the wobbles are going to happen, whether we intend them into existence or not. Our perception of our wobbles are completely our own choice and we can either choose to resist the wobble or embrace the wobble. We can either hate that we have a wobble, or we can be grateful that we have the gift of a wobble.

Wobble. Wobble. Wobble. I’ve said it too many times now.

In the last 10 days I encountered 2 wobbles on 2 seperate oCafinnate Academysions. Each wobble different from the other and both with a valuable lesson to learn and a new perspective to be adopted.


1. Wobble No.1

On Thursday last week my wobble presented itself in the form of me wanting to quit my daily videos. I’ve been recording, editing, uploading and sharing my videos to YouTube every day since the beginning of 2018. And to be honest – it’s been exhausting. At that point I was 151 days in and I had had enough. The amount of time and energy that goes into the creation of these videos had encroached rather rudely on my personal time at home, (because I was/am doing this on top of more normal workload, not instead of). I was ready to throw in the towel because to be frank – I wasn’t seeing any results.

Yes I have a handful of loyal, supportive viewers who I’m SO grateful for! Their messages both publically and privately, in response to the videos is the thread of encouragement that has kept my focus on the finish line. But at the same time, my ego was bruised because the traction it was hoping for hadn’t come to fruition.

Argh! This fucking ego – I’ve become so annoyed at it lately!

So on day 151 I didn’t record a video.

But then you know what happened? Day 152 showed up. As I knew it would. And with it brought a new perspective and a new choice to be made. I chose…, well, watch video 151 to see what I chose…

2. Wobble No.2

Wobble No.2 was a different kind of wobble altogether, but the lesson – the gift – just as powerful!

Wobble No.2 was a twerk wobble.

I recently had a chat with Gal Bepole – an inspiring young woman who lives in Israel and teaches twerking. Yup! You read that correctly. She twerks for a living. In fact, she’s somewhat of a twerk pioneer! Who knew you could build a business around twerking?

Twerk. Twerk. Twerk. I’ve said twerk too many times now.

Anyway, Gal’s approach to twerking has sent a ripple effect (pardon the pun!) around the globe. Women are now wobbling their wobbly bits with intention. And according to Gal, as you’ll hear in our discussion – the more wobble you have, the better!!

Who knew that wobbling our wobbly bits could be so liberating?

I was truly inspired by Gal’s perspective on wobbling, because it speaks so much to the power of being body confident – loving the body you have – wobbly bits and all!

So please – if you have any wobbly bits (and I know you do, because we all do) do yourself a favour and listen in on our conversation about twerking.

My Ode To Our Wobbly Bits

So I’d like to honour these wobbles of late, because I’m a better, more confident person as a result of them. And going forward I’m committed to embracing and loving all the wobbles that come my way. It means I’ve got new lessons to learn, it means I’m uplevelling to a more confident version of me.

An Ode To Our Wobbles

Where once we were told to conceal wobbly bits

On arms, bums, thighs and even on tits.

We now rejoice as we honour those parts

That protect, nurture and house our souls & our hearts.


Where once we were told to conceal wobbly bits

To never reveal our confidence fritz

We now share our truths, our doubts and false-starts

‘Cos better out than in, are they, just like our farts.

What do you think? Will you honour your wobbly bits along with me?