Knowing your personality archetype is the secret weapon you never knew you needed to start expressing your personal brand with confidence and clarity so you can reach the people you need to serve in your business.

This was an ABSOLUTE game-changer for me last year, and since I created the Archetype Assessment tool, I’ve helped several of my fellow impact-driven entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants elevate their personal brands using just this tool.

Personal Brand Archetypes

It’s the foundation of an entire personal brand strategy, but simply knowing how your personality archetype is used to design and expand your personal brand will set you up with confidence to start shaping the way you show up with intention and purpose, and it’ll bring cohesion into everything you create and share when engaging your audience.

Yesterday I was inspired to do a live video call to talk more about this new psychology based approach to personal branding and to share more details on a free upcoming 4-part video series where we’re going to deep dive into each of the archetypes so you can explode your confidence and your personal brand, once and for all….

In this live call I shared:

  • What archetypes actually are, and how they help you personally
  • What role archetypes play in personal branding
  • What difference I’ve personally experienced since learning about and expressing my archetype
  • What we’re going to cover in the Personal Brand Archetype deep dive 4-part live video series
  • How you can get your website featured in the upcoming 4-part video series

Here’s the video replay:

Please comment on the YouTube video here (your comment is like a little gift to me that costs you nothing – THANK YOU!), or if you prefer, leave a comment below this blog post…


Does your website reflect your archetype?

In next week’s 4-part video series about the different personality archetypes and how they’re used in personal branding, I would like to show some real-life examples of websites that reflect the archetype of the person behind it.
I’ll showcase examples and explain how and why it works from a personal branding perspective, or not as the case may be.

If you’d like to be featured, please let me know what your personality archetype is and drop links to your website below in the comments…

I’d love to feature you!


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