On Friday I hosted another of my Blog Photography Workshops at my studio in Observatory.

It was the first one I’ve hosted in the new space and so was interesting to see how it would all pan out. I had 5 girls attending the workshop. They were Rose, the dress designer that I share the studio with; Lee¬†who sells healthy eating products; Helen who is a makeup artist; Bicara who sells Lego toys and her husband’s brand of chilli sauce and finally Crystal who owns a blog that focusses on women’s issues and interests.

So there was a nice mix of interests and age ranges which made for interesting conversations! It was fascinating to see how everyone’s photos evolved in the space of one day. Comparing their images from the morning to their final images in the afternoon demonstrated exactly how much they had learnt and put into practice.





Afterwards it looked like a bomb had hit the studio, with fabric, flowers, reflectors, cameras and lights strewn all over the place. Exactly what creative experimentation should look like!

Next Workshop:

If you’re interested in attending my next workshop, it’s happening on Saturday 25th July, for those of you who can’t make it during the week. Be sure to book your spot soon, as I’m severely limiting the space to ensure that everyone gets hands-on, personal help.

Find Out More & Book Your Spot

Look forward to seeing you there!

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