I can’t believe I’m only sharing this behind the scenes post now – it’s February and Nina’s makeover portrait shoot took place in December!

How does that even happen?

Also, it took months between Nina booking her session and us actually meeting up to do the shoot, so I suppose it all works out in the end.

The reason for the delay with Nina’s shoot is because she lives in Germany and she had booked her portrait session with me to coincide with her then upcoming summer holiday in Cape Town.

Nina is a friend of a past client of mine, Angie, whose wedding I had photographed a couple of years ago. She’d seen Angie’s wedding photos and decided that she wanted me to create some portraits for her the next time she visited the Mother City.

After all the emails back and forth, when the day finally arrived, it felt like a reunion. Nina and I chatted easily as if we were old friends. She told me about Germany and all her many, many travels over the years. I found myself opening up to her too during the course of the shoot and we definitely parted ways as genuine friends.

So much so that one day, when I’m a world-travelling photographer, I’m going to make a point of popping into Nina’s little corner of Germany to catch up over a glass of wine or three.

Here’s a short behind the scenes video of Nina’s shoot…

View some of Nina’s portraits from this session here.

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