I love those videos that show you how something is made – whether it’s a cooking show, or a Discovery channel “How it’s Made” episode to see how they make a violin or a toothbrush, or an interview with someone that details how they built their business.

Seeing the precursor to the final product gives me a far greater appreciation for said final product.

As I type this blog post, I’m listening to the music of a local Cape Townian musician – Reinhardt Buhr.

I’ve listened to this particular album of his pretty much non-stop since I purchased it on New Years eve. You wanna know why? As well as being really beutiful music that calms and relaxes me, I know how he made the tracks because I saw him performing at the V&A Waterfront the day I bought the CD.

As a talented multi-instrument playing solo artist, his mystical sounding music is recorded live. He ‘layers’ each instrument on top of the other creating a melodic harmony that connects to something primal inside of you – at least that’s how I experience it. I sat and watched him play for about an hour that day and now, whenever I listen to his music on my headphones, I’m transported back to that spot where I witnessed the dexterity of his hands on the different instruments, balancing and co-ordinating the skillful playing of the instrument with the technical knobs and dials of his recording deck.

It brings extra depth and meaning to the music. You can get a preview of him playing at the 5:00 mark of this video…

It’s like when you see one of your favourite 80’s pop groups playing live. Visualising the physical experience whenever you listen to them brings an extra level of appreciation for what went into the creation of this thing that you enjoy so much., because you get to experience the creative process, not just the end product.

This is why I really enjoy making behind the scenes videos of my photo shoots. I made 3 such videos recently and being able to see what goes into making a professional photograph gives a deeper perspective and understanding of my photography creative process.

Behind the Scenes of a Photo Shoot

Watch these 3 videos of 3 different photo shoots to see what I mean…

So I’d love to hear from you – do these videos give you a different perspective on what it takes to create a professional portrait? Is it different to what you expected? Is it different to what you’ve experienced if you’ve had a professional photo shoot before? Let me know in the comments down below…

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