I love being a photographer. I love being a business owner. I would never have it any other way. The thought of working for someone else sends shivers down my spine.

I love having the freedom to choose what I’m going to do each day, who I’m going to shoot, where I’m going to shoot. The freedom to decide what direction my business is going. And the freedom to stay in my dressing gown all day while still being productive and achieving what I set out to achieve.

Of course, as with anything, there’s always another side.

To be a successful business owner, you also have to have structure. As a business owner, you have to be diligent enough and determined enough to make sure that you do the things that need to be done. Whether you enjoy them or not. That’s just the way it is. I struggle with this sometimes. Give me creativity, give me the internet, give me a ball of string, I’ll do something with it and make something of it.

But give me numbers, spreadsheets, accounting systems, pages full of Aerial 10pt font discussing matters of business importance, and I tend to get this glazed over look.

I’ll do what I have to, of course, eventually. But it’s the downside of running your own business. There are many hats to be worn, and unfortunately, I can’t wear my photographer’s hat all the time! As much as I would like to. But it’s the appeal of wearing the photographers hat that keeps me putting on those other necessary hats. It’s also about surrounding yourself with people who can wear the hat that is just never going to fit!

I watched this video about entrepreneurship this morning and it comforted me to know that, even if there are days when you are banging your head on the wall, struggling to get to grips with your least favourite parts of the job, as long as you get up and keep trying, you’re making progress, anything is possible and you’re in the process of creating the best job in the world for you.