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Learn photography basics for better phone photos

Would you like quality images, that you created yourself, to share on your blog and social media?




Blog Envy

Do you look at other blogs or Instagram feeds and wonder how those bloggers make their photos look so effortless and perfect?

DIY Photos

Do you wish you could create your own beautiful images, without paying a professional every time you write a blog post?

Learn The Basics

Want to know about photography basics, without all that technical jargon? Want to use your phone camera or little point and shoot?

Course Curriculum

Recommended Tools
Conceptualising Your Image
Lighting Basics
Styling with Props
Practical Exercises
Worksheets for Notes & Homework
Basic Editing & Editing Software
Sharing Images Online
Ongoing support

What You’ll Learn:

  • Which tools will make your photo taking easier
  • How to plan for your photos
  • Understanding how to use and control light for the best results
  • How to creatively compose your shot to make them look like they were taken by a professional
  • How to style your set and make use of props
  • How to use your smartphone or point-n-shoot to get the shots you want.
  • Which phone apps and free online software programs to use to edit your images.
  • Best practices for sharing images online
  • Have your images critiqued so you can see your individual areas for improvement
  • You’ll have membership into a private Facebook group with all current and past students of the workshop for continued support, critiquing and to build a community of blogging buddies.

Who is this course for?

  • Bloggers
  • Online Store Owners
  • Small Business Owners & Solopreneurs
  • Anyone who wants to improve their basic knowledge of photography, without getting too technical!

I really like that the content is broken up into easy to view videos that can easily be fitted into a busy week and re-watched to refresh your knowledge.  It also means that you don’t have to set aside too much time in one sitting.  When I have 10 or so minutes to spare I can go through 2 – 3 videos. What I really appreciated about the content is that it is so easy to understand and Abigail’s approach is perfect for beginners who don’t know all the technical terminology.  In this way you learn without feeling overwhelmed. All you need to start off with is just a camera – be it a phone or simple digital point and shoot camera.  Although the course is pitched at those who have a blog or website, the principles learned are ones that can be applied to all sorts of still life photography. Read more…


Beauty Blogger, Gee Whiskers

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a fancy camera, can I still take this course?

Absolutely! This course is aimed at novice and non-photographers, so you can bring whatever camera you have with you, be it your phone camera, your little point-and-shoot or your DSLR.

I'm not creative, is this workshop for me?

Everyone has some creativity in them, you just have to practice that muscle. This workshop will help you find that muscle and will give you tips to practice flexing it!

Where & when does the course start?

This is an online course, so you can follow at your own pace, at your own convenience. The course will be launching soon, so subscribe to receive notification and launching specials.

Do I need to know anything about photography?

No. This course keeps things simple. Instead of getting hung up on all the technical aspects of photography, we get stuck straight into the creative stuff, leaving the technical stuff for the professionals.

Photography knowledge without the technicality!



Using just your phone camera or your happy-snappy, you can create beautiful, purposeful images!




Course Content

Module 1: Recommended Tools
Module 2: Conceptualising Your Image
Lesson 1: Theme
Lesson 2: Emotion
Lesson 3: Colour
Lesson 4: Environment
Lesson 5: Props
Module 3: Lighting Basics
Lesson 1: Quality of Light
Lesson 2: Direction of Light
Lesson 3: Controlling Light
Module 4: Composition
Lesson 1: Backgrounds & Filling the Frame
Lesson 2: Camera Angle
Lesson 3: Rule of Thirds
Lesson 4: Negative Space
Lesson 5: Balance
Lesson 6: Symmetry
Lesson 7: Repetition
Lesson 8: Leading Lines
Lesson 9: Framing
Lesson 10: Movement
Module 5: Styling & Creating a Series
Lesson 1: Using Props
Lesson 2: Styling Your Set
Lesson 3: Creating a Series
Lesson 4: Building Your Stock Library


Module 6: Basic Editing & Editing Software
Lesson 1: Editing vs Retouching
Lesson 2: Compressing Images
Lesson 3: Introduction to Canva
Lesson 4: Layout of Canva Dashboard
Lesson 5: Designing in Canva
Lesson 6: Canva Workflow
Module 7: Sharing Images Online



Practical exercises & quizzes
Worksheet downloads for homework
Submit questions and photos for critiquing
Interaction with other students on the course

Oh so easy! Thanks Abigail for making photography so easy to understand. I love how you’ve broken things down into simple, bite-size chunks that are logical and accessible. I’m enjoying the practical examples and feel like Gromit is becoming a close friend 🙂


Personal Branding Expert, Brandheart

About Abigail

I’m Abigail. A Cape Town based Portrait & Fine Art Photographer. I love creating beautiful images – for my clients, for my own enjoyment and for my blog! I realised that I have a distinct advantage over other bloggers in that, being a professional photographer, I can quickly create any image I need for the blog post I’m writing. That’s when I decided to help out my fellow bloggers, by showing them how simple and easy it is to create beautiful & purposeful images using just their phone cameras or happy-snappy cameras. You don’t need to have all the technical equipment or know-how to have a blog that catches the eye of your readers!

Convenient. Accessible. Easy.

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