Do you want professional looking photos for your blog?

Would you like to know the simple things that professional photographers do to get professional quality images?

Blog Envy

Do you look at other blogs or Instagram feeds and wonder how those bloggers make their photos look so effortless and perfect?

DIY Photos

Do you wish you could create your own beautiful images, without paying a professional every time you write a blog post?

Know The Basics

Want to know about photography basics, without all that technical jargon? Want to use your phone camera or little point and shoot?

Course Curriculum

Recommended Tools
Conceptualising Your Image
Lighting Basics
Styling with Props
Practical Exercises
Worksheets for Notes & Homework
Basic Editing & Editing Software
Sharing Images Online
Ongoing support

What You’ll Learn:

  • Which tools will make your photo taking easier
  • How to plan for your photos
  • Understanding how to use and control light for the best results
  • How to creatively compose your shot to make them look like they were taken by a professional
  • How to style your set and make use of props
  • How to use your smartphone or point-n-shoot to get the shots you want.
  • Which phone apps and free online software programs to use to edit your images.
  • Best practices for sharing images online
  • Have your images critiqued so you can see your individual areas for improvement
  • You’ll have membership into a private Facebook group with all current and past students of the workshop for continued support, critiquing and to build a community of blogging buddies.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a fancy camera, can I still take this course?

Absolutely! This course is aimed at novice and non-photographers, so you can bring whatever camera you have with you, be it your phone camera, your little point-and-shoot or your DSLR.

I'm not creative, is this workshop for me?
Everyone has some creativity in them, you just have to practice that muscle. This workshop will help you find that muscle and will give you tips to practice flexing it!
Where & when does the course start?

This is an online course, so you can follow at your own pace, at your own convenience. The course will be launching soon, so subscribe to receive notification and launching specials.

Get Blog Confident without getting technical!

Using just your phone camera or your happy-snappy, you can create beautiful, purposeful images!

Ready to do this?