I attend a lot of business networking meetings and one of the regular features of these meetings is the 30 second elevator pitch session. Everyone in attendance gets the chance to stand up in front of the room and explain what products or services they offer. After all these years, as my turn draws closer, I still feel the familiar feeling of a thumping chest, clammy hands, rosy cheeks and a sudden inability to regulate my breathing.

My coping mechanism tends to be to speak as loudly as possible, and as quickly as possible!

Sometimes this strategy works and other times, it’s one big embarrassing fail!

One of the main reasons for the regularity¬†of these fails, is that I’ve never taken to actually writing down and memorising my elevator pitch. It’s different every time and I just land up fumbling over my words and talking in circles.

So this week I decided to change that!

Although this may only be the first of many drafts, I’m committing to it as a starting point. Because. You know…

Done is better than perfect!

So watch it below and let me know what you think…


If you don’t have your elevator pitch waxed yet, I’d highly recommend writing one out.¬†It also helps to ask a friend to explain in their own words what problems you solve or solutions your provide. Then record yourself saying it, whether on video or plain audio.

Lastly, listen to it over and over again, and soon enough, it’ll become easier and easier to remember. Much like those old 80’s songs, who’s lyrics we can recite more than 30 years later. Sing it with me….

‘Wake me up, before you go-go…’

What’s your elevator pitch? I’d love to hear/read it. Share it in the comments below…