Business Portraits With Confidence

Four Seasons Personal Branding

Ensure you have a current, relevant and ongoing up-to-date collection of Personal Brand Images for an entire year. This is for the influencers and entrepreneurs who take their brand REALLY seriously!

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Stand Out Personal Branding

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd? Inject your style, a bit of behind-the-scenes and a whole load of personality into your imagery in a way that’s unique and memorable to you! There’s no one else quite like you – let’s show them!

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Head Shots

Need a new profile picture for your social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Need a corporate headshot for your company profile, newsletter or annual report?

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Need Video to go along with your Photos?

Speak to me about the Impact Maker video/photo combo package…

(must be scheduled for same day shooting)

I was blown away and so delighted at how they turned out. I would highly recommend Abigail to style a shoot for you even if you just keep it as a momento for yourself or family.


Fashion Trend Stylist, Off The Rails

Thank you Abigail for such beautiful images. You captured so perfectly the essence of what I wanted to portray for my flower business.  I have had great feedback on the pictures and this has given me added confidence to go out and flower with passion! Thank you.


Florist, Bella Flowers

Your photies have LITERALLY changed my life, made me take myself more seriously, value my services more, and even given me a springboard to really refining my corporate identity and my brand


Writer, Editor, Blogger, Haas&DAS Brand Factory

Need Some Custom Stock Images for Your Social Media Accounts?

Maintain a consistant, fresh, original online brand with monthly images that communicate and strengthen your personal and business brand. Keep your instagram feed on point, keep your blog posts pretty & keep your newsletter & marketing material current.

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