One chance at a first impression

You’ve heard it before – You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Some say that the window of opportunity for that first impression is only 7 seconds. Take that opportunity online and your window wittles down to 2/10th of a second. Hmmmm…gets you thinking about that pic of you on the beach with a glass in your hand that you flippantly uploaded the other day, doesn’t it?

Does your profile picture portray your brand?

The impact of a bad profile pic is often overlooked. In today’s times, a professional profile picture is the first thing that prospective clients, employers and business contacts are judging you on.¬†Whether you are an entrepreneur, a consultant, an employee or a job seeker, your profile picture is the first touch point for that all important first impression.

Connect with your audience through professionally executed headshots and profile pictures that communicate your unique personality and the essence of your brand.

Establish your reputation, lay the foundation for your first impression and deepen potential client relationships by controlling the portrayal of your personal brand.

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