If we’ve personally met before, chances are that we’ve met at a Cape Town business network. If we haven’t personally met before, but you’ve been following me online for a while, you’ll know that I’m a networker of note.

Since arriving in Cape Town over 6 years ago, I started, and haven’t stopped, attending business networks. I have found them useful for the following reasons:

Why Business Networks are Useful

  • IBusiness networks are the Heart of business marketingt can get lonely working for yourself, so contact with other people can make you feel human again.
  • Sometimes it’s great to have a reason to slap on some makeup, make some effort with your hair, and grab an outfit that doesn’t resemble your dressing gown.
  • It’s good to have a reason to get up really early and experience the pre-dawn home exodus, just to remind yourself how good you’ve got it the rest of the week when you get to lie in bed until at least sunrise.
  • Similar to the above point it’s a good reminder to sit in peak hour traffic now and then, to remind yourself how fortunate you are that the biggest dilemma you have in starting work in the morning is whether shower or not to shower.
  • Attending networks not only creates the opportunity for new business, which is one of the main points in attending, but they are also a source of like-minded people who can totally relate to your solopreneur existence.
  • Meeting said people can also lead to giving and receiving of moral and business support, essentially it’s about building relationships.
  • Speaking of relationships, I’ve met many of my now-close friends from networks.
  • Most networks have a speaker who is there to impart their knowledge and experience, so you’re guaranteed to walk away more knowledgable than when you arrived.
  • Business Networks create a captive audience for your testimonials. It just takes one person to sing your praises in front of the rest of the network, to pique someone else’s interest in you and your business.

Cape Town Business Networks – My List

Now that you know why business networks are useful, which ones should you attend? As I mentioned over the years I’ve attended many, many networks. Some are better than others. But it’s like anything in life. There are different strokes for different folks. So while I don’t necessarily attend them all, I attend the ones I know work for me, and I venture into new territory now and then, just to test the waters. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised, other times not-so-much.

List of Cape Town Business Networks

So here’s my list of Cape Town Business Networks. I encourage you to venture out and experience each one at least once. The ones that resonate with you – you should attend as often as possible because that’s how you’re going to build those all important relationships.

Are there any Cape Town Business Networks I’ve missed?

Please let me know in the comments below if there’s a network that I’ve either forgotten, or not heard of. I’d love to keep this list as up to date as possible, because I’m always referring people to various networks.