Free Personal Brand Photo Shoot Checklist

I’ve photographed hundreds, maybe even thousands of professional women over the years. In that time, I’ve developed my own  system to ensure that it’s an experience thats enjoyable and results in confidence-building Personal Brand images.

I surveyed several local and international entrepreneurs and business women to ask them what they wished they’d known before their Personal Branding Photo Shoot Session.

Together with my insights as a professional photographer and with the insights of my clients and the women I surveyed, I’ve put together this checklist to help you make the most of your upcoming Personal Branding Shoot.

Peace of Mind

Don’t lose sleep trying to remember everything that needs to be planned

Defining Your Images

Get clarity on the type of images you need right now

Finding Your Photographer

How to find the best photographer for you

Clear Communication

How to clearly communicate with everyone involved in the photo shoot process

Pre-Shoot Preparations

How to prepare ahead of the shoot so you can arrive with ease and confidence

On the Day

Know how to maximise and enjoy the photo shoot to ensure you get the photos you want