Today’s post is all about collaboration.

I thrive on collaboration, it’s on my list of values right here next to my desk.

Collaboration Values

I just relish meeting people that I connect with instantly, and who have similar visions coupled with similar business drives and an addiction to idea generation. Collaboration is one of those things that happen often in my life, and something that I’m always mindful of and humbled by. So I’m humungously thrilled to share this big news today – A new collaboration, here at Abigail K HQ!

I’m now working alongside the fabulously fashionable Tracy Gold, to offer you her services PRIOR to getting in front of the camera.

If you’re anything like me, then waking up every morning and deciding what to wear is a constant challenge. One that never seems to get any easier. You stand there in front of your wardrobe with the doors flung wide open, looking at shelves and rails of clothes, but not having a cooking clue as to what’s going to work for you today. At least that’s how I experience it. Some days I choose more wisely than others!

Now repeat that scenario, except this time, your day includes a photoshoot with yours truly! “WTF am I going to wear?” I hear you think! What looks good on me? What’s my usual ensemble? I’ll just chuck that on. If it looks kak, I’ll just schedule another shoot another time.

It doesn’t have to be like that! There is another way!

Enter Tracy Gold.

Together we have created 2 packages, one for the Professional Profile Pic package, aka Corporate Headshot, aka mini photoshoot, and the other for the Couture Portrait package, aka Makeover Shoot, aka uber morning of pampering and fabulousness.

Each of them entails a consultation session with Tracy BEFORE you hop in front of the camera. She’ll advise on you what you should wear for the shoot, but not only that, she’s going to give you fashion advice and tips for your body shape and personality in general, so that you walk out after the shoot, knowing exactly what you should be clearing your wardrobe of, what you should be shopping for and how you’re going to maintain the gorgeous look you’ll have in your photos. So really, this experience is going to be the instigator of the ripple effect to the new you!

But that’s just me telling you what I want you to hear.

Trust me, I did it!

What I really wanted to do, was experience it for myself, so that I could tell you what it’s really like. And the same for Tracy – she wanted to experience a shoot with me, so that she could tell her clients what to expect. So after she had her hair and makeup done and had spent her time in front of my camera, Tracy set to work on me.

First of all, she had a look at the clothes that I had brought with me. Some she loved, some – not so much. That’s ok, constructive criticism, I can handle it! Then we went to the mirror – UGH! But yes, there we were, analysing my shape – my good points, my bad points, my insecurities – real or imagined. But you know what? As vulnerable as I felt, Tracy put me at ease. She didn’t judge. She didn’t put me down. She was gentle in her approach and sincere in her advice.

Tracy GoldNext we hit the shops. She took me round to a few shops – which I’ve never been in before, and with eagle-like focus zeroed in on the rails and racks, gathering items up for me to try on. She told me to do the same. We convened at the changing room. She with a pile of clothes in her hand, and several already hanging in the changing stall. Me with one measly item. I laughed nervously.


 Let the Transformation Begin

Then the transformation began. I almost felt like there needed to be a soundtrack playing in the background. Where I would swipe back the curtain with each new outfit, and Tracy’s facial expression would transmute from approving smiles to frowns of derision. Eventually we settled on 4 items and we both left the shop happy.

But that ladies, was just the beginning.

I’m proud to say that since that session with Tracy, I’ve given much more thought to my outfit choices and am forcing myself out of my routine wardrobe pieces. And whether anyone else notices or not, I do, and I feel fabulous!

See today’s wardrobe choice below…

Abigail K Outfit

So I can confidently say that, after a session with Tracy and your photoshoot with me, you’ll walk away with far more than just pretty photos. You’ll walk away with a new way of seeing yourself.

Competition-Tracy Gold Women 24

To celebrate this new collaboration, Tracy and I are running a fabulous competition, along with Women 24 and Kristine, my makeup artist.

Click here for all the details.


Also, Tracy has a fantastic dress GIVEAWAY from her very own collection. Visit her site for more details.

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We look forward to transforming you into your best you!