Sharon from Chandramala photographed by Abigail K Photography A Cape Town based Portrait Photographer

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Celeste is one of those women who, when I meet with her, I don’t want our time together to end. Celeste is wise beyond her years. She’s brutally honest, she’s magnetically engaging, she’s colourfully vibrant and ferociously passionate.

She’s a friend and a mentor all rolled into one and I’m grateful for the day our paths crossed a few years ago. Our individual journeys of entrepreneurship seem to have run parallel in their development, but one thing I’m certain of is that Celeste is going places – on a global scale. I can see her trotting across the continents connecting women and young people with the leaders of the world.

When it comes to confidence, Celeste has a full supply, so I was stoked when we finally sat down together and recorded one of our conversations.

So without further ado, go ahead and watch Confidence According To… Celeste Stewart.

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