I remember hearing Cindy tell her story at a business network a number of years ago and being struck by the matter-of-fact way in which she spoke about her journey. It shifted something inside of me – my own prejudices and judgments about people who live with HIV. Because of the way that Cindy described the events of her contracting the disease and how she’s subsequently used it to uncover her bigger purpose of helping to enlighten the uneducated like me, I feel personally changed for the positive. Firstly, I now have a better understanding of how HIV is contracted and transmitted, but secondly and even more importantly, I now know that HIV not a death sentence. In fact, as in Cindy’s case, it’s given her a new lease on life and she’s personally creating a legacy of acceptance and love in a community that would otherwise be ostracized and stigmatized.

I had a conversation with Cindy to discover how she has used, what should be a tragic experience, into something that is beautiful and inspiring for all of us – HIV positive or not. Find out how confidence is helping this amazing women impact so many lives!

Cindy Pivacic Online

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