This year I started a new blog series about confidence and what it means to everyday women. The focus is on you, a real, modern woman and your experience of self confidence.
I believe that when we shine our own light, we encourage others to do the same.

So be proud, stand tall, and choose to be confident.

You never know who could benefit from your confidence. It could be just the thing they needed to make their day just a little brighter. It may be the young girl who can’t stand to look at herself in the mirror because of what someone at school said to her. It may be the high-powered executive, who’s lost touch with work-life balance and needs a reminder that life is indeed beautiful and she is more than her work title. It may be the stay-at-home mom, who’s overwhelmed with her responsibilities as a mother and who just needs a nudge to reconnect to herself and remind herself that she’s an amazing and dynamic woman with a deep appreciation for mid-century art. Or she may be a successful business woman who’s chosen an entrepreneurial path over the traditional expectations of society, and has become so accustomed to her masculine roles and responsibilities that she finds herself wanting to re-acquaint with the softer, more feminine side that’s long been neglected.

I was sent Carmen’s details as a referral because, I was told, she represents a great a example of a woman with confidence.

I reached out to Carmen and asked if she wanted to be featured in my Confidence According To… blog post series, to which she enthusiastically responded in the affirmative.
I read her answers to the questions I sent her and knew that she was a perfect choice.
So without further ado…

Meet Carmen

Executive Assistant


Did you have a female role model when you were growing up who taught you that women could be strong, independent and confident. If so, who was it?


That person undoubtedly would be my mother.

What’s the best advice you received to boost your confidence when you were younger?

You can do this if you really want it.

Did you ever feel pressure to conform to trends as well as expectations of family and friends?

I’ve never felt that I needed to “conform to the norm”…. I’m an individual with a mind of my own. Once I make a decision I follow through…

What was the biggest influence on your confidence (good or bad) up to the age of 25?

That I am in this world on my own and that no one was going to hand it to me on a silver platter. I need to work for it and I need to earn my keep.

Rate your current level of Self Confidence

Very High Level of Self Confidence

What does confidence mean to you?

Knowing who I am, where I’m going and not allowing “negative feedback or comments” to get me down but instead use it to make a better person out of me.

When was a time you felt your most confident?

I feel confident all the time…because I know who am I, what I stand for and where I’m going….

How do you celebrate yourself on a regular basis?

A massage at my favourite Life Day Spa or some retail therapy is always good… One of my other favourites is to take a drive to the beach and then sit there to let the waves “talk” to me….

When was a time you did NOT feel confident?

The only time I don’t feel confident is when I’m not well prepared for a presentation or when I have to make a speech… Fingers burnt, lesson learned…

What do you do when you need an immediate confidence boost?

I dress for success or in other words I wear something really nice which in turn gets me a lot of compliments and as that come rolling in it makes me feel more confident about myself.

What online resources (websites, blogs, forums) boost your confidence?

Pinterest without a doubt. Once I click on one picture it takes me away and I get lost in it…. LinkedIn is also very good as I either get very nice recommendations/referrals or someone writes something nice there about me.

What advice would you give to a girl or woman who clearly has low confidence or low self love?

You are beautiful inside and out. Don’t you believe any negative feedback from anyone. Keep you chin up and walk the walk… You can do it…!!

What advice would your 85 year old self give you about your confidence & self love, today?

My girl, I am so proud of you for what you have achieved in your life today. For sharing your knowledge and expertise with other women and for building them up to achieve greatness in life.

If you were 5% kinder to yourself, starting tomorrow, what would you start doing differently?

Make more time to rest….

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Photo by Altus Tolken