This is the next installment of my new blog series about confidence and what it means to everyday women. The focus is on you, a real, modern woman and your experience of self confidence.
I believe that when we shine our own light, we encourage others to do the same.

So be proud, stand tall, and choose to be confident.

You never know who could benefit from your confidence. It could be just the thing they needed to make their day just a little brighter. It may be the young girl who can’t stand to look at herself in the mirror because of what someone at school said to her. It may be the high-powered executive, who’s lost touch with work-life balance and needs a reminder that life is indeed beautiful and she is more than her work title. It may be the stay-at-home mom, who’s overwhelmed with her responsibilities as a mother and who just needs a nudge to reconnect to herself and remind herself that she’s an amazing and dynamic woman with a deep appreciation for mid-century art. Or she may be a successful business woman who’s chosen an entrepreneurial path over the traditional expectations of society, and has become so accustomed to her masculine roles and responsibilities that she finds herself wanting to re-acquaint with the softer, more feminine side that’s long been neglected.


Today I’m sharing Mandy’s take on confidence.

I met Mandy a number of years ago through networking, she came into my studio one day for a portrait shoot.

This was one of those shoots when the transformation was mind-blowing. Seeing the results from her session, not only ‘wowed’ others who knew Mandy, but I could see that she had seen herself differently that day, too!


Meet Mandy

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Tella Travel
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Mandy from Tella Travel as photographed by Cape Town Women's Portrait Photographer, Abigail K

Confidence According to Mandy

Did you have a female role model when you were growing up who taught you that women could be strong, independent and confident. If so, who was it?

Not really. I have a wonderful mother but she has her own issues which rubbed off on me. I was closer to my father

What’s the best advice you received to boost your confidence when you were younger?

Chin up!

Did you ever feel pressure to conform to trends as well as expectations of family and friends?

I was the odd one out at school as I didn’t follow trends particularly and still don’t. I also developed pretty large boobs which wasn’t great physically or emotionally

What was the biggest influence on your confidence (good or bad) up to the age of 25?

Going to a different school at the age of 17 for Matric and then coming to live in Cape Town on my own. I’d say travelling to live in London for a year would have been the biggest booster! Growing up and out on your own.

Rate your current level of Self Confidence

Above Average Level of Self Confidence

What does confidence mean to you?

Feeling happy within your skin and being able to show and share that.

When was a time you felt your most confident?

If this is about career I’d say when I first hit over R1million turnover with a decent salary thereafter.

Confident in my person, knowing I could do things on my own and when I had my last boob op and know that i now have the body i was born to have

How do you celebrate yourself on a regular basis?

Massages, jewellery, travel

When was a time you did NOT feel confident?

When i was younger i was much softer spoken, didn’t fit in with the popular crew at school. Not the most fun growing up!

What do you do when you need an immediate confidence boost?

Listen to Depeche Mode or any other song that appeals to me at that particular time

Do you have any confidence boosting or self love mantras or sayings?

Be grateful and live with abundance

What online resources (websites, blogs, forums) boost your confidence?

Loads of pages on FB do, other women do

What advice would you give to a girl or woman who clearly has low confidence or low self love?

Live your life, those who mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind. You have to love yourself before anyone else really can. It’s not a lie, it’s the truth. Look after yourself and don’t try so hard.

What advice would your 85 year old self give you about your confidence & self love, today?

Keep on going, you’re doing great.

If you were 5% kinder to yourself, starting tomorrow, what would you start doing differently?

I’d make the effort to actually exercise and I’d try and eat healthier


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