What have you done lately to show yourself some love?

When last were you your top priority?

When last did you put your own desires and needs above anyone else’s?

What happens to your confidence when you constantly make yourself ‘less important’?

I bet I can guess…

I’m fairly certain that a) it’s either been quite some time since you treated yourself kindly or b) if you have done any of that recently, you did it with a cloud of guilt hanging over your head.

Am I right?

Of course I’m right. I’m a woman too. I know how we work.

So I want to give you the permission slip you’ve been waiting for. The one that gives you permission to show yourself some honest-to-goodness love without the guilt, so that you can let that confident YOU out her cage!


The #ConfidentMeMonth Challenge

Join me on my free month-long challenge of Confident Me Month, starting on 1st of August, the beginning of Women’s Month here in South Africa! 

(Actually you can start this any time you like, but I thought it would be fun to do it together!)

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I’ve created 31 prompts to get you to do one thing every day for a month that’s just for you!  From getting your nails painted to spending an hour in a book shop! There’s something for everyone. And if my prompts don’t quite float your boat, then feel free to improvise and fill in your own #ConfidentMeMonth prompt for that day!

So take a look, make the commitment and join me on this month long journey of self love to uncover the confident you!

The hashtag to use on Facebook or Instagram is #ConfidentMeMonth.

I look forward to seeing your posts showing you taking up the challenge and taking action on those prompts!

It’s the small things that make the big differences.

Start the challenge any day – Sign Up Today!


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