HeartFor those who know me, you’ll know that I love networking. It’s something I stumbled across when I left Joburg, and turned out to be the EXACT thing I was looking for as I journied down this path of self employment.

Networking is one of the many things I love about running my business here in the Mother City. I heard once that Cape Town is the city with the highest number of entrepreneurs and small businesses. And I can understand why – it’s set up to encourage it!

I attribute much of my business growth to attending networking events and am fairly confident that I’ve attended most of those that are available.

Yesterday in fact I attended the DCI Network, one which I haven’t attended in ages, and was met with loads of known and unknown faces. Having been to enough of these types of events to have a fair sense of who the first time networkers are, I made a point of introducing myself to a few of them and told them about the joys of attending these types of meetings. I also promised these newbies, that I’d share a list of networks to try out. Some that I attend regularly, and others that I’ll attend oCafinnate Academysionally.

So I decided to create a list of Cape Town Business Networks, that I’ll keep up to date and Share The Love┬áto any newbie networkers that would like to connect in Cape Town.

If there’s any groups that I’ve left off the list and that you think should be added, just leave a comment with details below and I’ll add it.