This period between Christmas and New Year is an odd time. You can’t really tell what day of the week it is, your heartburn has made it’s annual appearance, and you have to force yourself to relax and do nothing…. or is that just me?

And would you look at that – here I am writing this blog post!

In all seriousness though, I do find this a good time to do those things that I’ve been wanting to do for my business, but don’t quite get around to doing because clients are waiting for their photos to be edited, or there’s a shoot that I need to prepare for and there are emails that need answering. Now that my client pressure is a little less immediate, I can make the time to tick off a few items before the start of the new year.

Upcoming Conscious Confidence Course

One of the big items on my to-do list has been to announce my upcoming Conscious Confidence Course. An online, self-paced course to help you become your most confident self.

I feel slightly vulnerable sharing this with you now, because I still have to finish creating the content for the course, and sharing this post means that I have no choice but to complete it! So I’m all in! I’m committed.

Having received so much great feedback from my #CTConfidence campaign this year, and having received so many responses to my Confidence Survey, I’m more committed than ever to help women discover how they can identify and overcome the challenges that are standing in the way of their full expression of confidence.

So while I do still intend to get some high-level relaxation in on this festive season, I’m thrilled to open up the Waitlist registration for my upcoming course. If you’d like to be notified ahead of the public announement that the course has gone live, AND receive a special early-bird rate, then please register here.

Click Here To Get on The WaitList

UPDATE: The Conscious Confidence Course is now LIVE!

Check Out the Course HERE