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Become Your Most Confident Self

If you suffer with a low level of confidence, these symptoms might sound familiar…

  • You don’t feel qualified enough, smart enough, experienced enough.
  • You wonder who would take you seriously when you can barely take yourself seriously.
  • You struggle to accept and love yourself just as you are in your imperfect self.
  • You look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself “how will someone else find me beautiful?”.
  • You don’t know if you look the part and struggle to dress in a way that feels authentic and pleasing.
  • You struggle to trust that your inner wisdom is guiding you perfectly, and safely.
  • You can’t find the energy or conviction to eat correctly and stay active.

You can have the best intentions, but without the correct habits in place, it’s always going to feel like an uphill battle.

The most confident women prioritize the development of their mindset, bodyset and soulset as an essential part of their personal growth and fulfillment in life.

The truth is, no one taught us to practice self-understanding, self-acceptance and self-love.

Mind, body & soul confidence is essential for all women, especially if…

  • You want a system for making lasting positive changes to your thoughts, your actions and your beliefs.
  • You want to stop the destructive negative thought patterns that keep you obsessing over your ‘imperfections’.
  • You want that voice in your head to be kinder, more forgiving and more loving.
  • You’re tired of repeating the same behaviors that cause you to feel like a failure.

If any of these apply to you, you need this course.

So many amazing women believe that confidence is something you either have or you don’t, and that if you weren’t born with it you just have to accept a life of mediocrity and missed opportunities because your lack of confidence stops you from stepping up.

Recognize any of these thought patterns?

“The way I think and feel about myself inhibits me from being sociable or making an effort with my appearance.”

“I hate the way I look in the mirror and in photos.”

“My crazy schedule & responsibilities means I don’t find the time to do the things I need to do for myself.”

“My existence feels empty, monotonous and vague.”

“I struggle to find the balance between wanting to get fitter/healthier but also be more accepting of who I am now.”

I used to struggle with my confidence too because I was measuring myself according to external expectations.

Even though I was an intelligent, healthy, happy-go-lucky kinda girl, I didn’t have the confidence or conviction to believe in the value of my own choices and opinions.

I was living by default according to external expectations and influences.

I was stuck in the comparison trap and small-thinking frame of mind. I didn’t even realize how I belittled myself in my own head, telling myself that I wasn’t experienced enough, knowledgable enough, pretty enough, popular enough, rich enough, skinny enough, important enough.

I took my health and my youth for granted and assumed that my life would just unfold without any effort or input on my part.

I assumed that I would be happy if I just went along with what was least objectionable in order to avoid conflict and uncomfortable interactions. I assumed others knew what they were doing so I just went along with them. In the process I became like a piece of tumbleweed – rolling around in the wind landing up in situations that weren’t necessarily what I wanted, but not even knowing that I didn’t want them.

My life was directionless and empty.

As far as I was concerned my experience of life was just a luck of the draw and I was being dragged along for the ride.

It wasn’t until I started getting intentional about my confidence levels on a  mind, my body and soul level that I realized I could design and create any experience of life that I wanted.

Confidence is something that can be learned and practiced. It’s the characteristic that turns thoughts and ideas into actions and results, and ultimately, fulfillment.

Do you want this?

  • Do you want to stop placing so much significance on the opinions of others and taking those opinions so personally?
  • Do you want to create behaviors that make eating healthy and exercising easier with less resistance?
  • Do you want to elevate your sense of self-worth and live it with authenticity?
  • Do you want to be a positive example to your daughter, mother, sister, or friends of what’s possible when you love and respect yourself?
  • You want to grow into the best version of yourself, the person who is worthy of the life that you dream of.
  • You want to develop an inner guidance system based on your personal values and beliefs on which you can base all decisions and actions.

If any of these apply to you, you need this course.

Have you ever said something like…

  • My current situation is so far from what I want, that it feels like there’s no point in even trying.
  • I struggle to communicate and demonstrate exactly what I’m capable of because of a fear of what others will think.
  • When I compare myself to other women, I feel like I don’t measure up.
  • I struggle to motivate myself in taking positive action and fall back into old negative habits.

No matter how much you fake it ’til you make it,

no matter how well you can convince others,

until you deal with your confidence issues on a mental, physical and spiritual level

you’ll never become the fulfilled person you were destined to be and you’ll never live the life you dream about.

The Conscious Confidence Course is designed to get you to acknowledge where you are currently on a mind, body and soul level and to decide where you want to be with each.

You’ll create and implement a plan to make your vision a reality.

You’ll learn a holistic approach to confidence that’ll help you…

  • Gain an understanding of why you’ve been unable to change your past behaviours that have held you back.
  • Create a mindset that’s positive, encouraging and uplifting.
  • Accept and love your body and how you can create healthy habits that don’t have to be difficult to maintain.
  • Create a vision for your ideal life and how that vision can guide you on a day to day basis.

And (finally) discover that you always have and always will hold the key to your self confidence.

With other Confidence Crusaders on a similar journey, you’ll join a group of likeminded women who are all committing to a way of being that’s focused on elevating and maintaining their confidence.

I’d recommend The Conscious Confidence course to anyone who feels that they can be more confident on the levels of their mind, body and soul. The focus is on enabling you to make lasting changes in your life, by living and thinking more positively, loving your body and making the most of your health and appearance and ultimately living a confident, connected life of impact and fulfillment!

Melanie Britz

Author, Dive In

This course was fantastic. I didn’t think I needed help with my confidence but the course is so much more than to just help you boost confidence. It’s a way forward and a change of lifestyle. Thank you for this amazing eye opener into my own soul.

Megg Geri

Author, Hustle & Heart

Join these and other Confidence Crusaders.

It takes intentional effort to transform your fundamental beliefs about yourself and ultimately your confidence.

Not having confidence in yourself can stop you from fully showing up in life.

It can stop you from progressing at work. It can impact your home life. It can alter the way you perceive yourself.

It can impact the example you’re setting for the women and girls around you.

It can make life seem dull and devoid of joy, purpose and fulfillment.

Not having confidence can prevent you from becoming the fullest, most inspired and accomplished version of yourself. By not allowing this version of yourself to emerge, you’re not only doing yourself an injustice, but you’re doing the world an injustice by not sharing the gifts, talents, skills and energy that makes you a unique expression of the universe.


It starts with understanding and embracing the process of change and a willingness to challenge engrained beliefs and habits.

And you don’t have to do it alone.

The Conscious Confidence Course is an online program and a welcoming community of Confidence Crusaders that will guide you on your journey through a 4 week schedule prompting you to gain insight into where, why and how you can elevate your confidence.

It’s designed to help you gain an awareness of old patterns and how you can make small, incremental changes to your mind, body and soul to discover your full potential based on a foundation of confidence.

About your host: Abigail K…

I’m a Women’s Portrait Photographer and it’s this specialist niche of photography that lead me to discover my bigger purpose of helping women elevate their confidence. I, myself, was not always confident, and when I realized the positive impact that more confidence could have on my own life, I realized that I could share what I’ve learned on my own journey of confidence and teach my techniques to others.I truly believe that when we show up in the world as our most confident self, we inspire other women to do the same.

When more people show up to honor what makes them unique, the world becomes a richer place.


Specialist Women’s Portrait Photographer



If you…

  • Want to grow into the best version of yourself, the person who is worthy of the life that you dream of.
  • Want to develop an inner guidance system on which you can base all decisions and actions…

If any of these apply to you, you need this course

A Look Inside The Course…

Here’s a brief overview of the 4 week course.

You’ll receive access to the first week immediately after signing up, followed by each successive lesson one week at a time to give you chance to go through the videos, worksheets and to have time to implement the techniques.

Week 1: The Change Process

Understanding what happens when we try to implement new habits so that you start on a strong foundation.

Week 3: Body Confidence

Begin a process of accepting and appreciating the body you were blessed with. Understand how we’ve been brainwashed into false definitions of beauty. Learn how to see your body in a more positive light and what you can do to show your body love.

Week 2: Mind Confidence

Discover what impacts your thoughts and emotions, and become aware of your self talk and understand what impact external stimulus has on your mind confidence.

Week 4: Soul Confidence

Uncover how the beliefs you were taught from a young age have impacted how you view your place in the world. Gain a new perspective and techniques to help you determine what you want for your life, and what you can do on a daily basis to progress towards that vision.

… and don’t forget the bonuses!

Templates & Checklists

Audio & PDF Affirmations

Bonus Video Series

Book Club

Monthly Confidence Conversations with inspiring & successful women

Private Group for Support


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