The thing that made me fall in love with my husband is his fascination with outer-space.

As an introvert he doesn’t say much in social settings. But get him talking about a subject he’s interested in, like outer-space and the cosmos, and you won’t be able to shut him up.

I’ve fallen asleep many times to the sound of his voice explaining and exploring out loud, the great unknown. I’ve marvelled for years at how animated he becomes when he speaks about the vastness of our galaxy and the galaxies beyond.

And while at first I was simply in awe of all that he knew about this infinite subject, it soon became something that I didn’t really pay too much attention to because it was just too ‘out there’ for me to understand and for it to be relevant to my day to day.

Fast forward to 2018 when I was introduced to a specific method of meditation which encouraged me to return my inner gaze to the sky and explore the stars, the planets and the vast darkness of space. Soon I found myself downloading star-gazing apps, watching youtube videos, reading books and…asking my husband to tell me about the stars and planets and to explain the scale of our universe.

It’s been just over year since my interest in the cosmos was reignited and my curiosity and awe continues to grow. Of course I will never be a phycist at the coal face of human understanding of the science of space, but just because I don’t fully grasp it, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the magnificence of it.

The deeper I’ve delved into this subject, the more I’ve learned about myself and my place in this system that’s bigger than we can ever imagine. I, personally, have experienced some beautiful shifts in perspective that have significantly impacted my beliefs, my day to day experience and how I identify myself.

The significance of those early days when my husband would try to make me understand the enormity of the physical universe has come full circle. Where I now want to help my fellow women understand this as a way to understand themselves, so that they have the confidence to make the most of their lives now, while they have the time.

So starting today, I’ll be hosting a 7 week long conversation about Cosmic Confidence for us to build out-of-this-world confidence. We’ll be talking about science, spirituality and self-development. So if you’re ready to have your perspective shifted, even just a little bit, so that you can more confidently face each new day, then join me today!

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