Kirsten was featured in my final Tuesday Chat With… post for last year, but she has inspired me so much I had to share my thoughts in this blog post about her shoot. Especially as she’s made her selection and her images are at the printers as I type this.

Kirsten contacted me towards the end of last year to schedule a makeover shoot just before Christmas. It was quite a while before Christmas at that time and I wondered why she was setting this up so far in advance.

When Kirsten told me WHY she was doing this shoot, then the duration and planning for it all made sense.

This was more than just a photo shoot and pretty pictures for Kirsten. This was a milestone and a significant event to commemorate the journey she’d been on for nearly a year. A journey that would culminate in a brand new, amazing version of herself, and one which demonstrated the strength of her personal determination, resilience and steadfast focus on achieving what she set out to achieve all those months ago.

At the beginning of last year, Kirsten decided to get healthy. To make the right food choices for her, and to stick to it.

She showed me one of her ‘before’ pictures from before she started down this path, and the shear transformation brought tears to my eyes. That’s when I realised the enormity of what this woman standing before me had achieved for herself. She had taken responsibility for where she was and she had taken responsibility for where she was going. My awe must have been written all over my face. What strength, what drive and what will power she must possess.

Later when Kirsten began to explain how her life has changed from then until now, I welled up again. She described how people, complete strangers, would look at her then, and now how differently they see her. An indication perhaps of all our own thoughtless prejudices and judgements.

I’m completely inspired by Kirsten. I’m without words to describe the impact her story has had on me. It’s more than just how she changed the appearance of her body. It’s about how she set out to achieve a goal, and she didn’t let anything stand in her way. She had the strength to stick to her chosen path, no matter what.

I salute you Kirsten!

Kirsten graciously shared her before picture with us:

Kirsten - Before

Kirsten - Abigail K Photography 1 Kirsten - Abigail K Photography 2 Kirsten - Abigail K Photography 3 Kirsten - Abigail K Photography 4 Kirsten - Abigail K Photography 5