Jaquiline was the winner of a recent competition that I ran along with Tracy Gold and Kristine from Kruz 4 Makeup, along with Women24.

I love when serendipity plays it’s part in making amazing things happen!

We could not have asked for a more deserving winner of this competition. Jaquiline is the most divine woman who oozes confidence and sensuality. We all had such a blast in the studio helping her get dressed up and dolled up, ready for her photoshoot.

Tracy helped her decide on her outfits, while Kristine waved her magic makeup wand & got Jaquiline camera-ready.

The thing that struck me most about Jaquiline, was her enthusiasm for the experience she was about to have. The way she spoke about the makeover, the way she responded to our suggestions while she was getting ready and her reactions to seeing the results of each of our efforts made it so clear that she ABSOLUTELY, without a shadow of a doubt, was the best person to win this makeover.


We asked Jaquiline to share her thoughts on the experience…

My consultation with the stunning Tracy Gold and photo shoot with lovely Abigail Klopper was scheduled on my birthday and this of course brought the speciality factor to an amazing day filled with fun, glamour, laughter and learning.
From the moment I set foot in Abigail K Photography Studio, the magic began.Tracy and the team made me feel extremely welcome from the word go and not once did I feel like a walking fashion disaster or a plain Jane for that matter.
My moment in front of the camera started with a couple of before shots that really woke up the “poser” within me.
Kristine started doing make up after the initial introduction and plan for the day. She worked her magic on my face, informing me of every product she used as she went along and this was terrific as she coupled it with great tips and sound advice at the same time.
Behind the scenes makeover (2)
My face was transformed while both Tracy and Abigail would play their respective roles simultaneously, throughout the process. Abigail filmed and took photographs while Tracy passed a comment, or threw in a fashion tip ever so often.
I liked that very much because there was absolutely no formality as we chatted casually, and I absorbed all that these three wonderful fairy godmothers had to share. Kristine brought out the goddess in me, displaying the beauty that I already possess by just accentuating it with the art of applying make up skilfully. I loved it!
Wardrobe time was a delight with Tracy doing what she does best. We had an Mirror Moment (MM) where I looked at myself and had to name 3 things that I like about my body. I liked that alot because Tracy affirmed what I said and made me feel the gorgeous queen that I am. I then made the conscious decision that my self talk about my appearance must improve drastically, by increasing from the level that it was currently at.
I was taught what works for my body shape and why. Tracy broke the do’s and don’ts for me down into understandable chunks and every bit of info was shared with a smile. I didn’t wear any of the outfits that I brought along for the shoot and I don’t regret my decision in the least bit. Tracy had brought two dresses back from her exhibition in Johannesburg and thought that I might want to try one of them on. Well she thought right, except for that I loved both of her garments because they are simply put stunning. Both showed my waist, which I always hide and it was like the dresses were designed and manufactured for me. I felt comfortable, yet super sexy at the same time. Looking forward to making my purchase. I loved it!
My moment in front of the camera was really the highlight of my day. Everyone who knows me, knows me when it comes to lights, camera and action. I simply loving taking pictures and this stems from not taking any really for most of my childhood because we couldn’t afford a camera.I had since upon the realisation in my young adult life made it my mission to capture moments.
Abigail is such a natural at what she does and her energy is so contagious! The way she spurred me on after each photograph by her encouraging comments were amazing. She would say things like, ” I love it and beautiful”, which made me show off even more, lol. I enjoyed every bit about being photographed and video recorded by her. I had always dreamed of having a professional photo shoot and this I know, is only the beginning of many.
What was so awesome about Abigail is that she did not just photograph me, she taught me valuable lessons. I now have some poses, so if you think you saw me posing before, then baby you ain’t seen nothing yet! I also met her adorable Beijing, she is too cute for words. I loved it.
Ps: Dreams do still come true!
To get a glimpse of the experience that Jaquiline is describing, watch her behind-the-scenes video…
To view a few of her images, click here… And to see her before and after pic, click here…
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