Today I’m delivering Mandy’s box of images, so thought it apt to share some images from her shoot.

One day when I grow up, I want to be just like Mandy. She’s a fiercely independent woman in her 60’s who’s clearly got a sense of self beyond any that I’ve seen or experienced before. She’s obviously beautiful, but even more so, Mandy seems to have something inside her that radiates outwardly, affecting all those who meet her.

Mandy contacted me about setting up this shoot and told me that doing this photoshoot is on her bucket list.


She’s about to end one chapter in her life and begin something altogether new, and it felt like this shoot has formed part of her metamorphasis from what was, to what is still to be. A celebration of herself, her journey so far and the journey still to come.

Mandy has inspired me. Inspired me to believe in myself. To celebrate myself. And to trust in myself. In the short time that I’ve known Mandy, she’s made me realise that anything is possible. Just give yourself permission to dream it, to feel it, and then to do what it takes to get it.

This is what Mandy shared with me…

What an amazing journey my life has been! In my younger days as a nurse I was able to nurse people and take care of them, raised my son as a single parent and then being an Au pair to such amazing children. Seeing them grow from babies to toddlers nurturing and caring for them and them teaching me to look through new eyes at butterflies and fairies. As I enter my golden years and retirement yet another adventure awaits me! Starting an exclusive guesthouse in a little town called Kenhardt. Can’t wait to experience that and may I say you are never too old to start new adventures!!!

I’m reminded of that saying…

Inspired thought requires inspired action.

Mandy, I thank you for your inspiration, and I look forward to meeting you again, once you’re onto the next leg of your journey.

You can officially tick this off your bucket list!

Abigail K Photography Cape Town Portrait Photographer - Mandy 7
Abigail K Photography Cape Town Portrait Photographer - Mandy 4
Abigail K Photography Cape Town Portrait Photographer - Mandy 11

To see more images from Mandy’s Shoot click here.

Hair and makeup by Zelda O’Brien 


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