This weekend my Bestie came to visit from Joburg. It wasn’t the best of weekends for her to come as I was shooting a wedding on Saturday and so couldn’t play as much as I normally would have. But on the Friday she arrived, we were¬†determined to have fun in the time we had and to document our little adventures in photos.

My memory is the worst. When I’ve travelled to places or had wonderful experiences, if I don’t have photographic documentation of the event, the memory is as good as gone. I suppose I should get that looked at…. But in the meantime, I find photographs the perfect remedy for a bad memory. Not to mention instant smiles when I look at them again, months or years down the line.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and that it was worthy of creating photo memories! And I hope that you have a Crazy of your own that you can kick back with and get silly with! Every girl needs one!!





Abigail K Photography

Abigail K Photography