It’s been quite some time since I blogged some personal work. (In fact, I just updated my gallery with a couple of images that have by-passed the blog!)

So that makes THIS post even more exciting! Not to mention that I got to share the fun with Meg from Mind The Curves, Rose from Molteno Creations, Kerrith from Over Indulgence Cupcakes and Kristine from Kruz 4 Makeup.

A true creative collaboration!

How I Met Meg

I first met Meg when I posted my Cape Town Beauty Bloggers list which led to her participating in my #CTConfidence campaign (btw, have you taken the survey yet?).

I love Meg’s happy, friendly vibe and her penchant for giggling! Totally my kind of girl!

So at our first ever chat we decided we’d do a shoot together, something in line with my personal fine art photography project – ‘Small Girl, Big World’ series. Fast forward a couple of months, and we finally got it done!

And it was totally worth the wait!

Our Plans for the Shoot

We wanted to include cupcakes, as that’s one of Meg’s favourite things, and we wanted to include a girly, 50’s vibe. I was looking to get 3 images from the shoot, all within the same theme.

Rose made this custom dress, specifically for the shoot, Kerrith made these gorgeous cupcakes with all the right colours and details, and Kristine did the hair and makeup perfectly.

Lastly, Meg stepped into character and the final result is – simply whimsical!

A Big Announcement

And this is the perfect time, as it was Meg that gave me the nudge, to announce my new online shop, which includes a gorgeous calendar and a set of coasters featuring some of my favourite ‘Small Girl, Big World’ images.

Thank you Meg, for the nudge and for the creative collaboration!

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