This month inside the Cafinnate Academy we’re talking about Habits and how to change them…


I recently had a massive wake up call about how a particular habit I was feeding is not helping me… I realised I have a MAJOR productivity habit I need to change in order to give space for creativity…


More Creativity and Self Care to Balance out the Productivity

So after the Cafinnate Meetup with our ambassador Sonja yesterday, I committed to more Creativity and Self Care to balance out the productivity…. and this is what I created…

Watch the video to see how I made this picture.

Links mentioned in this video:

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Do you have any habits you’re wanting to change at the moment?

In order to know which habits we should start working on we first have to recognize which area is in our life and business need to change.

Here’s the 3 step process we went through during the meetup that made me realise I need to create the habit of creativity and self care… to balance out my productivity.

Get the 3 Step Process HERE.

I do hope you make the time to instill some good, healthy habits. I’m feeling the benefit already, and it’s only day 2! Long may it continue!

Let me know in the comments… what new habit do you feel called to instill?

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